Basic Information

Melissa’s Playschool

Established 2003

Licensed home preschool located in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Open Monday to Thursday, September to June, from 9am-3pm

Ages 18mos-4years

Two teachers with 8 children, plus special classes

Healthy lunch and snack served each day

2 thoughts on “Basic Information”

  1. Tunde Boros said:


    My daughter 3 years old and I looking for something school for her.
    Are you available?
    She was in home with me, so interested me how works the first time and habituation?

    What is the price? She can to go 3 times a week?
    What is the different your play school between daycare ?

    We can to go one visit?

    Thank you so much forward,
    Tunde Boros

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