What are some of the foods served?

Typical snacks: veggie bootie, crackers, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit.
Typical lunches: Annie’s mac and cheese, quesadillas, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and jelly, rice and beans. We always offer fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and fresh fruit. Water is the usual drink.

My child has food restrictions, how is that handled?

We have had children here who were vegetarians, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free and it has never been a problem. Like everything else in our program, we adjust depending upon the group, example: if we have a nut allergy we elimate nut products from our menu.

My child is a picky eater, how is that handled?

By trial and error in the beginning of the year. We learn who eats what and plan accordingly making sure that there are things on the menu each child will eat, such as toast or bananas. When we serve the food, we begin with children we already know like that meal, and you’d be amazed at how the other children follow along and broaden their taste buds.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, we change diapers and assist a child through potty training whenever the child and family are ready.

How is discipline handled?

On an individual basis, often having the children involved ‘talk it out’. Time outs are used rarely, and only for children who can understand them. It is used as a ‘reset button’. For example: a child is throwing sand, we remove them from the sandbox and calm them down. The goal is not punishment, it’s helping the child refocus their energy.

What is the rest time procedure?

Each child is given a spot with blanket, pillow and a stuffed animal or doll of their choice. We play a story or music. The children who fall asleep are allowed to sleep as long as needed. Rest time begins at 12:30. Non-sleepers still need to lie quietly for 30 minutes as developing this skill benefits them on the road to independence. Non-sleepers get up after 30 minutes for more activities.

I’m afraid my child won’t get a long enough nap. Can I pick them up early?

Yes. Particularly in the beginning of the year, some parents choose to pick up after lunch at 12:30 and bring their child home to nap.

How is separation handled?

Both parents and children can have difficultly with this transition and we handle it on an individual basis. Some children benefit from having their parents stay briefly, while others need the quick goodbye. We begin the year with shorter hours and never let a child “cry it out”. See ‘Preparing for School’ for more information.

Do you take field trips?

YesSome places we go are:

Prospect Park, library, firehouse, pizza parlor

Are there any special events?

We begin the year with a family picnic in the park on the weekend before school opens and we end the year with another family picnic. In the fall we have a Halloween party and ‘Pajama Day’ in the spring and depending on the group, we may throw other special days.

Why don’t you have two days a week as an option?

Experience has shown us that two days a week is not enough for the child. It takes much longer to adjust and they struggle to be part of the group. We only consider this in special circumstances.

Can I choose which three days?

Yes, depending upon availability.

Is there early drop off and/or extended day?

No. The hours are 9-2.


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