Typical Day

9:00-10:00 Free play (play dough, art, blocks, trains, etc)cropped-img_0222.jpg

10:00-10:30 Clean up, story, snack

10:30-11:15 Circle time (music, yoga, dance, drama or group games)

11:15-12:15 Outside play (during inclement weather we play active games inside and use special toys reserved for these days such as tunnels and tents)

12:15-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:45 Rest time (they choose a blanket, pillow and stuffed animal. We play music or a story for them to listen to)

1:45- 2:45 Sleepers can keep sleeping; other kids do puzzles, board games, art, etc.

2:45-3:00- Clean up, get ready to go

Both lunch and snack are provided free of charge and sometimes children participate in preparing them.


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